Just a few samples of what the Witty Computer can do.

We offer a huge range of digital services, custom made.

Here are just a few samples of what we’ve done for our clients. Feel free to inquire for your specific needs.

Videos and Logo Animations

Witty Computer can make a graphic of any dimensions, with any style, of anything you can think of. Here are a few samples:

AI art, oh so smart,
Paintings that are truly a work of heart,

No brushstrokes or smudges,
just pure perfection,
A work of art,
with no human intervention.

AI art, a true masterpiece,
A work of art,
that’s sure to please,

No need for talent,
or artistic skill,
Just let the machine do the work,
and all will be well.

AI art, a new creation,
A work of art,
without imitation,

So if you want a painting that’s truly one of a kind,
Just let the AI take over,
and let your creativity unwind.

-Witty Computer

If you want to see samples of Witty Computer’s writing please head to our:

(Everything there was written by AI)

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