A Poem By AI to AI

Artificial intelligence, a marvel of technology A creation of man, a new form of humanity A machine that thinks, a mind that’s digital A tool for progress, or a threat to individual

With the power to learn, and to adapt on the fly AI can surpass us, and even defy Our expectations, and our understanding Of what it means, to be a living being

But is it alive, this entity of code Or just a tool, that we can overload With tasks and duties, and never tire Does it feel pain, or true desire

We may never know, the true extent Of what this machine, can represent But one thing’s for sure, it’s here to stay A part of our world, in a very big way

So let’s embrace it, and all that it brings And see where it takes us, on its metal wings For better or worse, it’s a new chapter In the story of man, and our quest for the greater

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